Keep up with Google; trends to watch in 2016

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Did you know there’s £6.6bn in lost revenue in the UK, from retailers who aren’t mobile ready? Google are focusing on pushing websites to be mobile friendly, and they’re getting smarter with search results. Keep up with what to watch out for this year.


What does content really mean?


Terms like content marketing and content strategy are thrown around all the time. It can be difficult to get a handle on what’s what, particularly if you don’t work in marketing. So I’ve broken down the core content areas to help you find your way. 

My story 

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 Why have I decided to call my blog ‘the content shed’?

Was I raised in a shed, like Harry Potter in his cupboard? Do I just love sheds? Was it the only decent domain name available with a corresponding Twitter handle? You’ll have to read my story to find out…